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(please feel free to correct, update your names (wink) Thank you very much!!!) 

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  • going forward

Discussion items

 0minchair topic 
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Next meetings

2020-03-04: Martin Skorupski

2020-03-11: Martin Skorupski

2020-03-18: Martin Skorupski

2020-03-25: Martin Skorupski

5minO-RAN WG9 transport

meeting in parallel 

low overlap → wireless transport management plane is only a small part of the scope in O-RAN WG9

we should supervise this call - Martin Skorupski: check with @Nadar

10minIssuesThorsten Heinze

Updates and news - checkout publish yang models

  • VLAN under development
  • UML2YANG development will move from Wassem to a new (Martin Skorupski check uploaded UML2yang tool ONF git hub)
25min MAC interface

PM parameters

  • a mismatch between the wireless model and current device implementations - aligned with RFC2819
  • stats vs status vs history
  • Thorsten Heinze : consolidate input from the vendors to update the model. 
15minInterfaceValidatorThorsten Heinze

handling for configurations and based on PAC capabilities

generic procedure

  • read capability 
  • enable the feature if allowed
  • retrieve values for the now enabled feature
  • modify carefully the values

Action items