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(please feel free to correct, update your names (wink) Thank you very much!!!) 

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  • going forward

Discussion items

 0minchair topic 
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Next meetings

2020-02-12: Martin Skorupski

2020-02-19: Thorsten Heinze  

2020-02-26: Thorsten Heinze

2020-03-03: Martin Skorupski

2020-03-10: Martin Skorupski


O-RAN Alliance WG9 → goes to Transport

  • setting scope
10minIssuesThorsten Heinze

Updates and news

  • default value issue
    • some attributes in generated yang from UML do not have a default value.
      • Boolean only if the default is "false" → Wassem is going to fix uml2yang....
      • Enums → not always ok -> ongoing for specific cases (enum is key)
      • leaf-list - (Q: by Martin how is the syntax for default values in yang)
  • Update by Thorsten: 
    • identified default added but still ongoing for enums
10minAlarm tests

Expectation: changing a configuration → trigger a problem notification

HTTP-PUT send to ODL

HTTP-GET 5s later will show the expected value (e.g. monitoring-is-on)


HTTP-PUT for radioSignalId - status 400 (Bad Request) from ODL

timeout after 120s → RestConf

Analysis: ongoing....

Action items