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  • 2020-02-06 TAPI Meeting notes - Long Call - 2nd part
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Next Review Call:  12 to 6pm CET.

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Continued from 2020-02-04 TAPI Meeting notes - Long Call

OMS model, the management of unidirectional and bidirectional OMS entities

Arturo Mayoral presents the figures related to unidir/bidir OMS model:

  • Long and detailed discussion, two views are considered, "hardware" vs. "logical". Hardware is always unidirectional, the bidirectional model emerged to correctly represent certain management aspects, e.g. the links between NEs are always bidirectional considering the topological and forwarding aspects. Hence the "logical" ports are a convenient bidirectional abstraction of the couple of unidirectional "physical" ports/connectors. Equipment model role is the representation of such physical aspects, when relevant for management.
  • Karthik Sethuraman asks whether OMS is to be considered as bidirectional. As far as OMS itself is monitoring, its MEP is bidirectional. Andrea Mazzini says that internally to the network the OMS "topology" could be managed as unidirectional, as it is current practice (due to the hw oriented modeling of the technology).
  • Jia proposes to add unidirectional SIP (with related unidirectional NEP) in case the relationship between sink and source equipment ports is unpredictable. Agreed. There will be a bidirectional ConnectivityService with four end SIPs.
  • Eventually agreed three different scenarios:
    1. Unidirectional SIPs (4-ended ConnectivityService, i.e. also CSEPs are unidir)
      1. All internal NEPs and Links are unidirectional, or
      2. some "merge" into bidir is allowed.
    2. Bidirectional SIP and unidirectional internal NEPs and Links
      • is some "merge" into bidir allowed?
    3. All Bidirectional
  • The merging of two unidirectional CEPs into a single bidirectional CEP is modeled through a three point Connection, with Port Direction value Input/Output/Bidirectional and Port Role value Symmetric.

Action items