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  • Equipment model, continue analysis (Arturo)
  • Streaming update (Nigel)
  • Routing Constraints (Andrea)
  • ODU OAM (Andrea)
  • Photonic Model

Discussion items

Informal call due to low and scattered attendance (ITU-T meeting weeks).

First hour with Aditya, Jonathan and Karthik. Jonathan explains a routing (path) constraint case, where is critical that the constraints are strictly associated to the Connection, rather than to the ConnectivityService. A contribution on this topic is more than welcome, as the team is already in the process to enhance the model of connectivity constraints (see otcc2019.AM.006_TAPI_ConnectivityConstraints.pptx). Also mentioned some impairments which have different effects depending on the distance, e.g XPM (cross-phase modulation) is higher in the first kilometers. This non linearity complicates the calculation of constraints.

Second hour with Aditya, Karthik, Nigel and Pedro. Nigel presenting the TapiStreaming updates, all classes and attributes are now commented. Next step (this afternoon) is the delivery of UML, YANG and GenDoc. Karthik shows where to find general configuration info, "config-xmi2yang.json" file in the YANG directory.