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  • Check if more ppl could host the meeting (Roberto, Tracy, Nader)
    • all are going to check to host the meeting...
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25minour 2020 plan

Project name: Wireless Transport goes to 5G-xHaul

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the update!  I was hoping for the next TST call to develop more of an overall picture of what different subprojects are doing and their plans for the year - could someone pull together a slide or two on this that could be brought into the TST call on January 20th?





  • Preparation of technology-specific TRs based on CoreModel 1.4
  • CoreModel 1.5 
    • Analysis of portential impact on TR 532
  • PoC week 2020-06-20
    • This is basically an ONAP, O-RAN-SC, O-RAN PoC/Demo/Plugfest  in different locations with topics related to 5G topics
      • 5G Cosmos NYC, Powdr CA)
      • OSNL (Berlin5G) and
      • Asio OTIC
    • Possible contributes (all under analysis)
      • Interfacevalidator (Telefonica)
      • converged switch modeling
      • fronthaul gateway modeling

30minIssuesThorsten Heinze

A class with only one attribute - which is a list - in some implementations an empty list leads to a non-existing object ("missing" surrounding container)

  • ok according to RFC7950
  • leads to "unwanted" error message on RestConf

to be analysed

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