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  • yang:uuid

Discussion items

  • How to continue?
5minNext meetings@all


... as preparation for June 2020 Plugfest/demo/PoC

30mincurrent modeling issues


  • in previous PoC more a "label" was used instead of uuid
  • Who is creating the uuid and how to align planning-uuid - operational-uuid → see: wire-equipment - related to SFP but needs to be expanded for other cases → device: expected-equipment > controller learn about it. 
  • DNS approach could guide to a solution
  • remaining issue: how to identify a device 
    • operator assigned
      • configuration
        • read-only in IM
        • read-write during installation with local-craft - different interface ...
    • hardware-based
      • possible to generated on runtime
  • (not yet) decision
    • ? (to be continued in DMIP)
    • ? format to be aligned
    • ? mac address as part - (not stable, but there must a procedure for ma-address changes anyhow)

core-model issues (Michael, Alex):

  • decision:
    remove problematic UNUSED parts of the core-model.yang.

Action item

  • Martin Skorupskiinvites ppl explaining "slicing"  for next week and add the topic on the agenda.
  •  Roberto Servadio summaries concerns/challenges about using ietf-uuid.