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  • Admin
  • TAPI v3 Connectivity Enhancements

Discussion items

10 minsAdministrative
  • Next TAPI Call: Next week  

  • All-day Virtual Meeting
    • in Nov/Dec time-framework: 
    • Central Europe time zone
      • 12:00 PM CET - 15:00 CET
      • 15:30 PM CET - 18:30 CET
    • 2 Topics for discussion: TBD
  • Next F2F Meeting Plan - discuss on the OTCC/OIMT TST call on  
    • Week of 
      • Should we schedule it earlier? In Mar/April timeframe?
    • Location: Telefonica, Madrid(?)
  • ITU-T Liaisons
    • 3 incoming from ITU-T SG15 Q12 & Q14 joint interim meeting
      • 802.1 - CFM
      • G.807 (G.MEDIA) & G.872 progress status
      • Response to ONF position on Network Slicing
        • agreed with ONF position
 60 mins Connectivity Stephane St-Laurent
  • Connectivity enhancements to support requesting a bundled intent of multiple outcomes (Connections) in case of declarative model of operations (where TAPI client performs path computation and resource allocation)
  • Andrea Mazzini : Is it correct to say that ConnectivityServices are MC Assembly level and not at the MC component level?
    • CSEPs already support hierarchy/recursive associations
  • Karthik Sethuraman : Would it be conceptually backward compatible if we call the Yellow boxes "ConnectivityService" and the orange box as "ConnectivityServiceEnvelope" ?
  • Andrea Mazzini : We don't create ConnectivityService for individual MCs and only use ConectivityService to ask for MCAs.
  • Stephane St-Laurent : TAPI does explicitly restrict this approach - could use CS for requesting either MC or MCA
  • Nigel Davis : Approach seems reasonable as this can be applied recursively across controller hierarchies
  • Arturo Mayoral : We should avoid substantial deviation from the previous Connectivity models
  • Hing-Kam Lam Will need to study the use cases to evaluate the need for additional CS "envelope"

Action items