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  • going forward

Discussion items

5minChair topic@all
  • SIAE started internal discussion
15min potential new topics

3 persons are going to join the group:

  • Lujing Cai,<>; 
  • Tom Moore, <>;
  • Shawn Ying <>;

Fronthaul Gateway (FHG) (L3?)

Converged access switch (CAS) (L2?)

interest with regards of
-- modeling
--- pre-existing model?
--- L2/L3
--- O-RAN uses same name for mediator/adapter between OpenFronthaul to something
-- support by Orange, Bell Canada
-> reuse ONF CoreModel for FHG, CAS

High level archtecture: 

RadioUnit <-> [transport-interface: Fronthaul] <-> DistributedUnit

To be continued next week:

-- What is the architecture? What is the functionality?

--- would drive the model.

40minModeling issues

In general: see issue of different models:

- airInterface: rx-channel-bandwidth parameter #17

-- found in yang

-- some devices do not support configuration

--- Thorsten Heinze updates status by vendors

- airInterface: transmission-mode leafref: relative path instead of absolute path #18

-- UML-to-YANG issue - Thanks for the proposal

- Key for XltsThresholdCrossAlarmList not unique #16

-- state is ok - to be check by Thorsten....

-- solution is stated in the issue - see issue #12

String based datatypes to be explained in YANG files #8

- to be analyzed - outcome in YANG - goes to Martin Skorupski

Blocking issues on airInterface:

#10, #13 (to be analyzed by Martin Skorupski ), #7

Action items