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ITU-T SG15 folks & Nigel


Discussion items

10 minsAdministrative
  • Next TAPI Call: Next week - Connectivity  

  • Next F2F Meeting Plan
    • Week of 
      • Should we schedule it earlier? In Mar/April timeframe?
    • Location: Telefonica, Madrid(?)
  • All-day Virtual Meeting
    • in Nov/Dec time-framework:  
    • Central Europe time zone
      • 12:00 PM CET - 15:00 CET
      • 15:30 PM CET - 18:30 CET
    • 2 Topics for discussion: TBD
45 minsPhotonic
    • OTS, OSC and PHY span lengths are the same - always 1:1
    • So do we really need to represent the Phy Link?
    • Phy-layer purpose is to represent the photonic transfer function characteristics
      • e.g. power/gain for EDFA, amplifers, etc
    • Is it possible to represent OSC & OTDR as OTS CEPs?
    • OMS bands are switchable?
      • No - the OMS connections represent the transfer function
    • Maybe the Phy, OTS, OSC, OMS links are redundant - this does not mean that distinct NEPs, CEPs, monitoring, etc are redundant and agree that these are needed.
    • Need to balance model consistency v/s optimization
      • May need to introduce new TAPI rules for NEP, CEP, Connection & Link instances relationship to reduce redundant Links & "LinkConnections"

Action items