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Discussion items

15 minsAdministrative
  • Next TAPI Call: Next Week  

  • Next F2F Meeting Plan
    • Week of 
    • Location: TBD
  • All-day Virtual Meeting
    • in Nov/Dec time-framework:  
    • Central Europe time zone
      • 12:00 PM CET - 15:00 CET
      • 15:30 PM CET - 18:30 CET
    • 2 Topics for discussion: TBD
 60 mins Resilience Andrea Mazzini
  • https://wiki.opennetworking.org/download/attachments/259719184/otcc2019.AM.004-Resiliency.pptx?api=v2
  • Should Protection be scoped to Connection or to a Node ?
  • Original TAPI definition of Route is a set of Connections at next lower level of partitioning - was changed to list of CEPs to avoid additional lookup for efficiency purposes ?
  • While it is possible to represent a Switch Control (domain) by an Fordwarding Domain/Node, it should not be compulsory
  • Switch/SwitchControl is encapsulated within a FC/Connection
    • Since
  • Nigel Davis Verify Multiplicities for a range of protection schemes on LTP/FC/Link/Ports

Action items