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  • Finding a chair man
  • Continue the open discussion about modeling of an AirLink (connection)

Discussion items

 15min Chair man @all

Expectations for chair woman/man

  • chair should host the weekly call
  • chair invites for the call and provides dail-in information (GoToMeeting)
  • chair should moderate the call
  • chair needs to document all decision
  • chair assigns and tracks action points
  • no need to prepare technical content
  • the participation for the OTCC call is beneficial, but is done also by DMIP chair
  • twice a year the preparation of slides for ONF events, basically, an editor of the presentation
40minAir Link@all

Connections for Air layer 
Meant are wanted (and maybe even unwanted connections between airInterfaces. Such connection could be also called AirLink, It describes the propagation for the signal.

However, existing termonology should be used. ETSI, IQ-Link and other sources should be consider. Nader Zein is going to provide a list.

An AirLink could by modeled as technology specific conditional packages (PACs) to the ONF forwarding construct.

It exists only on controller level (service model) not on the devices (device model).

For interference analysis the antenna should be modeled. There is the question how detailed the antenna needs to be modeled.

More abstract:

  • gain
  • mask/class (reference to ETSI) -> 3d description; same for all manufactures

... or with a lot of details.

A more detailed model will lead to better results and offers more opportunities.

In any case a catalog (database) in on the service management and orchestration framework.

Action items