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Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative
  • Next TAPI Call: Next week (July 23) - skip July 30 as week of MEF Q3

  • ORAN collaboration opportunities are apparent, but no specific actions at this point
  • should we include ITU-T SG15 Meeting feedback on agenda for next week - especially w.r.t photonic media?
    • ITU-T liaision received last week -
  • Need to address how TAPI fits or plays with the NFV ecosystem..
 10 minsRelease Plan

TAPI 2.1.2 Release plan

TAPI 2.2 Release update

  • Submited it to OTCC TST for approval (decision in previous TAPI call). 2-week approval period for TST (ends Jul 23).
  • RC3 - Released 1st week of July
  • RC2 - Released on May 24, 2019
    • Includes UML, YANG, Tree files only.
      • TAPI yang currently does not include any Yang 1.1 features/modules - so we can state that we use 1.0
      • As far as using leafref within a read-write tree to point to read-only attributes, we should use Yang 1.1 require-instance, but if we want to stick to Yang 1.0, we can use uuid instead of leafref
  • RC1 - Released on April 8, 2019
  • Included items:
    • Equipment inventory model (new feature)
    • Routing & Resilience Constraints fixes/updates
      • Some of the constraints were changed to read-write from read-only
      • Minor structural changes (related Topology/Connectivity constraints)
    • OAM, Notification Framework updates
      • OAM Job structure refactoring and renaming
      • OAM/Threshold profile
      • Threshold/PM parameter
      • Alarm/TCA linkage to Threshold/PM parameter
    • Topology Model update
      • added TopologyAggregatesNEP association
      • marked NodeAggregatesNEP as deprecated
      • renamed Node.ownedNodeEdgePoint to Node.nodeEdgePoint
    • ETH Technology model updates
      • mainly OAM based on MEF NRM-OAM requirements, review and feedback
    • Photonic model updates
      • mainly power control management & photonic-layer-qualifier labels
5 minsRoute/Switch enhancements discussions: Backup/Nominal Routes

Deferred to next week due to lack of other participants. PLease review the notes from the previous calls

2019-07-09 TAPI Meeting Notes

Action items