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  • Discuss open topics about TR-532 v.2.0 (version ongoing)

Discussion items

  • Presentation shared by Martin: 0000046-16bit-Integer-sufficient-for-Radio-Signal-IDs.pptx

  • Comments received via mail by Thorsten:
    • expectedSignalID/transmittedSignalID are required for the local/remote receiver to synchronize on the correct transmitter.
    • once the setup is ok, the indication could be used for the discovery, but this depends from the syntax supported by the network elements (if this is an integer the usage for discovery will be limited).
    • I would see the following Options:

      1. The one proposed by Michael in the #46: Leaving as is; Radios with string based radio signal ID will just apply the content of the airInterfaceName/remoteAirInterfaceName attributes.

      2. Changing the datatypes of expectedSignalID/ transmittedSignalID (back) towards String.

      3. Defining capability attributes and a combined datatype of configuring according to the following picture:

In the last call there was decision to  go with option #3. In this meeting there was no objection to go with option #3. In addition a range for the values has to be added in the proposal (length).


A list of topics already inserted in AirInterface 2.0 has been shown by Thorsten Heinze . It will be shared wot check against the list of open issues in Mantis bug tracker. Based on the check from the team we will identify the next steps in the WT call. 

Action items