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Discussion items

10 minsAdministrative
  • No Admin slot as Karthik is not attending this week.

60 mins

Intent / Co-routingAndrea Mazzini
  • Discuss Identification of "intent" modeling items #432
  • Andrea shows the TAPI Connectivity Diagram, discussion on the behavior of _corouteInclusion of ConnectivityConstraint composed class of ConnectivityService.

  • Discussed some possible behaviors, given ETH_1 the ConnectivityService under provisioning, and ETH_0 the ConnectivityService indicated by _corouteInclusion attribute.
    • Snapshot, i.e. inclusion (and exclusion) is performed only at first routing of ETH_1, no further dynamic alignment to any route change of ETH_0
    • Fate sharing, i.e. ETH_1 will follow any ETH_0 rerouting
    • Strict association, i.e. ETH_1 and ETH_0 share lifecycle, when ETH_0 is deleted, also ETH_1 is deleted and vice-versa
    • Loose association, e.g. in LAG/LCAS scheme
  • Kam suggests that the issue shall be explored also in Core IM
    • other possible scenarios, the ETH_0 route is either shorter (possible sequential concatenation/stitching) or longer than ETH_1
  • Malcolm: evaluate the relationship with the "bundled Connectivity Services" as proposed for photonic model
  • Nigel: concerning TAPI, there are two simple solutions:
    • Specify that ETH_0 cannot be deleted until ETH_1 is deleted, so preventing empty references
    • Specify that a null pointer may appear in case ETH_0 is removed. Original intent (ETH_0 id) should be found in the log.
  • Nigel: all these different behaviors shall be specified through policy, Andrea to check MEF documentation on the subject.
30 minsPartitioning & Abstraction

  • Agreed that "physical" resources can be partitioned, aka slicing.
  • Clarified that the purpose of these slides is the exploration of possible enhancements / generalization of current "semi-opaque" topology model.
    Use cases shall drive future decisions.

Photonic model,
“bundled” Connectivity Service,

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Action items