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  • Discuss topics tracked in Mantis Bug Tracker for TR-532:

Discussion items


 The list of issues with related priorities need to be completed by all vendors. Here the latest status:

  • 0000040: Performance Monitoring – Threshold Cross Alarms for further Performance Values
  • Description:
    • In Issue#33, request for Threshold Cross Alarms was limited to es, ces and sces.

      Need for further Threshold Cross Alarms is to be checked.

      Further thresholds to be documented, if required.

  • Question to the vendors: are there available any other counters where TCA can be associated ?
  • It seems yes (TxLevel, RxLevel for example). For these parameters the counters are Min/Max/Avg values.
  • Feedbacks expected until Monday (3 May) in order to decide within 15 May
 2 #39 T.Heinze
  •  0000039: Duplex Distance
  • Nothing to discuss. It is already fixed.
 3 #38 T.Heinze
  •  0000038: Header compression
  • Description:

    • Some device have different way (with different detail) to configure the header compression feature. The proposal is to make as easy as possible the configuration.

      A potential solution might be to provide only an enable and allow the device to choose the optimal configuration.

      An operational state may report the information on how the compression is working, for example in optimal configuration or not (e.g.:. because a different reconfiguration from an other management interface).

  • Proposal is to delete from this request the requirement for the operational state.
  • It has been presented the header compression in the Ethernet Container as per new model that is part of the Ethernet Container disaggregated model that will be referenced n TR-532 document (2.0).
 4 General note  Notes: in the disaggregated model, even if starting from TR-532 definition, the definition of the Ethernet Container is quite different from the TR-532 original definition, and there is no difference tracking respect to the V.1.1 of TR-532.
 5 #85 T.Heinze
  •  0000085: Sequence of transmission modes to be defined
  • Description:
    • AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMin and AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMax are indicating some ordering of the transmission modes.

      How is this ordering defined?

  • Discussion:

Action items