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  • 2019-04-29 OTCC and OIMT TST Call Meeting notes
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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Kam Lam

  • Nigel Davis
  • Karthik Sethuraman
  • Italo Busi
  • Malcolm Betts
  • Martin Skorupski
  • Thorsten Heinze


Discussion items

Combination TST CallAll
  • Note we are combining OTCC and OIMT TST calls to reduce duplication and make more efficient use of time
  • Seems OK to everyone
  • OIF liaison response

  •  Response to request for comments on OIF Packet/Optical Requirements document
  • Some clarification on TAPI needed
    • expanded TAPI functions for TAPI 2.2 and up-to-date references
    • note linkage of TAPI and MEF in Figure 9
    • clarify potential for TAPI use at multiple levels (resolve "?" in Table 3 - orchestrator-specific such as TOSCA?)
  • Draft and approve by email this week response liaison (OIF meets May 14-16), send to OIF next Monday

  • Status of projects

  • TAPI (Karthik)
  • Wireless Transport
    • TR532v1.1 now published on ONF website, but under IM work - will be moved to OTCC section
    • also noted this in the highlights for April
  • DMIP
  • OTIM (Kam)
    • ITU-T Q14/15 Liaison statement from its Xi’an interim meeting held on April 8-12  to ONF OIMT
      • SG15-LS180: (Attachments to SG15-LS180 can be downloaded from
        • Liaised draft Revision to Recommendations:
          • G.875 v4.01 (OTN)
          • G.7711 v3.04 (Core model)
          • G.8052.1 v0.08 (Ethernet OAM IM/DM)
          • G.8052.2 v0.05 (Ethernet Resilience IM/DM)
        • Issues identified regarding the UML-YANG mapping tool/guidelines. Plan to address the issues during the upcoming Beijing OIMT/OTCC meeting
      • G.876 (Media management) & G.874: Q14 agreed
        • To move the media management material from G.874 to G.876
        • To defer the consent date of G.876 and Revision of G.874 to the 2020.01 plenary meeting, i.e., wait until after G.872 and G.807 have been consented in July 2019.
    • Q14/15 Ethernet OAM IM/DM coordination meeting held on April 15, with participants from IEEE 802.1, MEF, ONF, and SG15
      • Presented changes in Draft G.8052.1 regarding changing the EthXxxPac object classes (which were strict composite in EthMepOamSpec) into ethXxx attributes of EthMeppOamSpec with datatype EthXxx.
      • Presented gap analysis between the CFM YANG and G.8021 MI signals.
      • Will continue the gap analysis and resolution discussion in the May 20 coordination meeting, in which the UML mapping to the latest CFM YANG (2019.04.05) will be presented.

  • Review Beijing agenda

Kam, Nigel

Kam, Nigel
  • note survey will suggest whether to colocate with ONF Connect in 3Q or not
  • 4Q meeting is week of Dec. 9-13

Action items

  • Lyndon to draft liaison response to OIF and circulate by email