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  • Administrative

    • TAPI 2.2-RC1 release update (Karthik)

  • Multi-layer enhancements (Andrea)
  • Photonic OSNR Proposal (Arturo)

Discussion items

10 minsAdministrative
  • Next TAPI Call: Next week
  • TAPI 2.2 Release update

    • Release on April 8, 2019
      • Included items:
        • OAM, Notification Framework updates
          • OAM Job structure refactoring and renaming
          • OAM/Threshold profile
            • Threshold/PM parameter
          • Alarm/TCA linkage to Threshold/PM parameter
        • ETH Technology model updates
          • mainly OAM based on MEF NRM-OAM requirements, review and feedback
        • Photonic model updates
          • mainly power control management & photonic-layer-qualifier labels
        • Equipment inventory model (new feature)
        • Topology Model update
          • Moved the NodeAggregatesNEP to TopologyAggregatesNEP
            • This is a big change and better to keep the NodeAggregatesNEP for this release and remove this in v3.0
      • LLDP defferred to v2.3 or later
      • Includes UML, YANG, Tree files only.
      • OpenAPI & RI will be included in RC2 (not normative)
    • RC2 target May 1st week
    • RC3 target May-mid
    • Release target June 1st week
  • Victor Lopez Alvarez -useful for TAPI to have an tutorial-like description of an reference network example and use case
    • Telefonica has an multi-layer abstraction model example and will present it next week TAPI call
    • Include both Topology and connectivity-service example
  • Victor Lopez Alvarez Also will facilitate coordination between TIP-OOPT and TAPI
30 minsMulti-layer enhancements
  • postponed to next TAPI call due to lack of time.
20 minsPhotonic OSNR Proposal

Action items