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Discussion items

1Backward compatibilityteam
  • Status of the activities after last WT call:

  • Presented the documents mentioned in the 20/3 call:
  • There are some proposals from WT team (including sliding window) that are ONF proposals (that could have issues of interoperability respect to standard IETF implementations)
  • The current TR-532 Rel.1.1 is backward compatible with the previous version, while the new version will not be backward compatible sue to the split into several ang files.
  • For this reason the problem of backward compatibility could be a topic that for WT team is not urgent but will be addressed in context of far new releases of TR-532.
  • Document will be distributed by Petr.
 2TR-532 V.1.1Thorsten 

From the input mail received from Thorsten:

  • TR-532v1.1 document is ready for requesting publication since more than a week. There is just a single issue hindering sending this request. The TR document shall not just contain the UML, but also the YANG shall be referenced. This YANG shall be as close as possible to the YANG, which had been applied in the 5th POC (basically, just the if-feature statements shall be added). Martin and Thai (Telefonica Germany) are working on providing this YANG. They had to recognize that Shrikanth (former Wipro), who generated the YANG, which had been applied in the 5th POC, not just used the official UML2YANG tool, but also a bunch of scripts and some manual work.

  • Topics to be discussed in this context: 
    • how to assure quality of the TR-532v1.1 YANG
    • how to change modeling/processes to get aligned with the official UML2YANG tool again (so we get rid of the scripts).
  •  it was evaluated the possibility to manually change the yang files archived in GITHUB from the last PoC, but decided to act on the UML and to apply the tools to obtain yang files.
  • The results of comparison between the yang version generated for the PC and the one generated now from UML2YANG have been compared. Apart the 'if_feature_revision" the content is now aligned.
  • Comments:
    • (to be removed if_feature inside the Data types)
    • The version is named 'version 1.1'.
  • UML, TR-532 document and yang to be modified and released now.

Action items