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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Thorsten Heinze

  • Andrea Mazzini
  • Stephane St-Laurent
  • Nigel Davis
  • Petr Jurcik
  • Italo Busi
  • Victor Lopez


Discussion items

  Sydney F2f Meeting Results Nigel, Kam

  • Liaison response to H2020 - response approved - Note Victor/Telefonica is involved in the project as well
  • OIF Liaison and attachment (see Liaisons page)

External activities
  • O-RAN - still looking at UML/Papyrus vs. YANG approaches to modeling
  • IETF (Italo) - TE topology and tunneling models stable, CCAMP working on ODU/OTN application of IETF models, OTN, Ethernet and Photonic models (Flexgrid and WSON), Photonic impairments aware
  • TIP (Victor) - PSE WG - interested in future interaction with us on photonic impairment aware model

Internal activities
  • TAPI (Karthik)
    • - will release TAPI 2.2 RC1 this week
      - planing to do 2 more release candidates 
      - final release of 2.2 by May-end/June-start
      - main items included are
      — Eqpt inventory model (new feature)
      — OAM model updates (primarily driven by MEF NRM-OAM/SOAM projects)
      — ETH model updates (same as above)
      — Photonic model updates (ODTN feedback)
      — Connectivity/Resilience constraint fixes 
      — other miscellaneous bug fixes 

  • WT (Thorsten) - 5th PoC white paper
    • post on wiki, add pointers to ONF website
    • Thorsten could provide a more summarized version for external view (discuss offline what to point to on ONF website)
    • recent decisions:
      • current MW model has 6 Pacs, this will be split from one UML into several UML
      • TR-532 will then reference the UML and YANG and interface validator
      • TR will cover not only interface definition and include Pacs attached to link, forwarding construct - more related to controller NBI and not just SBI
      • time schedule tbd
  • DMIP (Thorsten)
    • working on expanding coverage of models
  • OTIM

Next call and meetings

Action items



  1. Lyndon Ong : I noticed that the liaison response to H2020 has been approved but I cannot find the text for the LS response

    On the OTCC mailing list I have seen the incoming LS from H2020 but have not received any proposed response

    I also cannot find neither the incoming LS nor the proposed response in Liaisons

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks, Italo

  2. I have posted both the incoming LS from H2020 and the ONF response LS on Liaisons