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  • Topics:

    - status of TR review and release

    - detailed report release

    - formalize missing decision about below proposal #3.

    - backward compatibility proposal review

    - open topics from previous meeting

Discussion items

1Status of TR reviewThorsten
  • TR-532: OTCC review ended 18th March. No comments arrived. Next steps: consolidating last changes arrived (formal changes not in model) and publish the document.

  • TR-541:  review ended 18th March. Some comments arrived are under review. Next step: OTCC review to be started next week.
 2Detailed Report Release Thorsten - Detailed Report sent by Thorsten yesterday, and It has been sent to Lyndon for publication.
 3 Discussion on Proposal #3  

(see also WT meeting minutes 13/03/2019)


Widening the scope of TR-532

Currently TR-532 defines a couple of technology specific extension to the LayerProtocol/LayerTerminationPoint class.

It is not enough for configuring the entire wireless transport device.

It is also not enough for documenting the wireless transport network.

Quality and completeness of the existing definitions already reached a very high level.

This is why it is proposed to expand the coverage of the TR-532 on Connections and further Interfaces instead of focusing on updating existing *_Pacs.

Describing the Connection between airInterfaces could be a first step.


Together with Proposal 1 and 2: This means that the TR document would contain an increasing list of references that together build the subject of the TR.

Hypothetical Option: Not all the referenced definitions need necessarily to be elaborated within WTP. Analysing definitions first and testing interworking of a selection of definitions in the PoC could accelerate provisioning of definitions.


Of course, this change will not affect TR-532v1.1.


Discussion about Forwarding Domain and Forwarding Construct as example. The example discussed included connectivity between different AirInterface. In the discussion it was mentioned that the impact (in this example) is on the model used for the applications in the SDN Controller more than on the interface management of the equipment.

Technology specific extension are needed both to:

1) extend the interface between the controller and the device in order to manage entire set of functionalities provided by microwave devices.

2) model network based on microwave for example representing cross-device microwave links as forwarding construct: in this case there will be no impact on the microwave device.

→ team is agreeing to start the activity indicated as 2) as part of the TR-532

→ for what is concerning the activity indicated as 1) we agree to postpone to further discussion.

 4backward compatibility Petr, Alex 

The following point raised up during off-line discussion will be in the agenda of the next WT call as first point:


Action items