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  • Administrative

  • LLDP/OAM Model Updates (Andrea)

  • Eqpt Updates (Nigel)
  • Photonic/OSNR Model Updates (Andrea/Arturo)
  • YANG Updates (Karthik)
  • Notification updates (Probablecause/PMParameter types)

Discussion items

10 minsGeneral Administrative & Status
  • Next TAPI call:   Skip next couple of week due to Sydney F2F.
  • Sydney F2F Agenda

    • Key topics

      • TAPIv2.2: Routing & Resilience constraints (AM) 1 slot
      • TAPIv2.2: Multilayer transitional link scenario (AM) 1 slot
      • TAPIv2.2: Photonic Connectivity (AM)1 Slot
      • TAPIv3.0: Topology & Connectivity models (KS, AM) 3 slots
        1. T3 Topology Pac (1/2 slot)
        2. T1 Connection/Route relationship to topology (1 slot)
        3. T8 Link capacity (1 slot)
        4. T6 Virtual network (1/2 slot)
      • TAPIv3.0: Operations & API (KS)  2 slots
        1. T4 Operation patterns (1 slot)
        2. T5 Catalog driven API (1 slot)
  • TAPI 2.2 Release Plan update - agreed

    • RC1 target now March-end
      • Ready items: OAM, ETH, Photonic updates
      • TBD: Eqpt, LLDP, Notification
    • RC2 target April-end
    • RC3 target May-mid
    • Release target May-end
  • Liaison proposed from EU-project PASSION to ONF-TAPI
    • Dynamic BoD Use case - moving spectrum dynamic
    • possible new photonic technology/attributes - possible new extensions to TAPI
    • TAPI group welcomes positive engagement
30 mins Equipment Model Updates
  • PR:
  • New PR expected with model cleanups based on previous calls discussions
  • Do the AccessPort and PhysicalSpan functionally belong in the Topology model (as currently proposed - AccessPort augments Node) ?
    • Is the PhysicalSpan logical or physical grouping?
      • PhysicalSpan is a logical grouping of physical entities (fiber strand, patch panel, splices, etc)
      • May need to include the strand/fiber details in this
    • On the Logical side, we have Topology of Nodes, on physical side, we have a physical topology of locations - locations can be described at any scale - universe, continent, country, city, site/building, floor, rack/shelf....
    • Boundary for the collection of AccessPort - isn't NE or Equipment
      • AccessPort is a logical grouping of one or more physical entities (Eqpt+Connector[+Pin])
      • Currently since Node is augmented with AccessPort list, Node collects AccessPorts
30 minsLLDP/OAM Model UpdatesAndrea Mazzini
30 minsPhotonic Connectivity Model Updates
20 minsYang Model & related updatesKarthik Sethuraman

Action items