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  • Administrative

  • Eqpt Updates (Nigel)

  • OAM Model Updates (Andrea)
  • Photonic Updates (Andrea)
  • YANG Updates (Karthik)

Discussion items

15 minsGeneral Administrative & Status
  • Next TAPI call: Next week
  • Sydney F2F Agenda

    • Key topics

      • Topology & Connectivity models (KS, AM) 3 slots
        1. T3 Topology Pac (1/2 slot)
        2. T1 Connection/Route relationship to topology (1 slot)
        3. T8 Link capacity (1 slot)
        4. T6 Virtual network (1/2 slot)
      • Routing & Resilience constraints (AM) 1 slot
      • Operations & API (KS)  2 slots
        1. T4 Operation patterns (1 slot)
        2. T5 Catalog driven API (1 slot)
      • Multilayer transitional link scenario (AM) 1 slot
      • Photonic Connectivity (AM) 1 Slot
  • TAPI 2.2 Release Plan update - agreed

    • RC1 target now March-end
    • RC2 target April-end
    • RC3 target May-mid
    • Release target May-end
60 mins Equipment Model Updates
  • AccessPort: Discussed Pin & Connector details and relationship to Equipment and Node model
    • PinAddress
      • renamed to ConnectorPinAddress
      • agreed to model this as data-type
      • agreed to use "uuid" attribute for identifying the related equipment instance (instead of navigable association-pointer) for efficient data-schema mapping purposes
      • agreed to renamed pinName to pinIdentification
    • PinDetails
      • renamed to ConnectorPinDetails
      • agreed to model this as data-type
    • Tentatively agreed to contain the AccessPorts under the TAPI Node by augmenting the Topology-Node
  • Agreed to make the associations from Actual/Expected Equipment to Actual/Expected Holder as pointer-navigable.
15 minsOAM Model Updates
  • PR:
  • MEF NRM OAM CfC#2 practically completed. The last required task was to check possible redundancy between TAPI Eth Metrics (from G.8052) and MEF Metrics (from MEF 35.1 and 10.3).
    • agreed that TAPI Eth shall include both flavors of delay variations metrics, the "inter-frame delay variation" and the "reference-based delay variation".
    • agreed that TAPI Eth shall enhance UAS and SES metrics, allowing different T than 1 second. This will allow moving MEF "High Loss Intervals" and "Unavailable Intervals" metrics in TAPI.
15 minsPhotonic Model UpdatesAndrea Mazzini

  • Clarified that TAPI OTSi already includes OTSiMC related attributes (i.e. upper/lower frequency, adjustment granularity, grid type)
    • This allows to either model OTSi and OTSiMC separately, or use only OTSi for both purposes, signal and channel.
    • Clarified that OTSiMC does not end in transponder because upper/lower frequency can be different (typically wider) on transponder and likely not relevant for management.
    • Noted that OTSiMC should be uniform end-to-end, i.e. all OTSiMC "cross connections" share same upper/lower frequency, adjustment granularity, grid type, etc. values.

  • Text agreed

  • Purpose of the slide is clarify MCA management concept.
    • Text agreed. The MCA is an assembly for management purposes. One or more complete OTSiA(s) can be supported by same MCA.
  • Reached end of the call, further slides will be discussed on next calls.
15 minsYang Model Updates

Action items