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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Nigel Davis

  • Thorsten Heinze
  • Petr Jurcik
  • Kam Lam
  • Andrea Mazzini
  • Karthik Sethuraman
  • Tracy Van Brakle


Discussion items

  •  ODTN OFC Demo - Monday 3/4 OFC Demo Zone (Andrea)
  • Tuesday 3/5 Exhibit Hall Theater III session, Disaggregated Transport/TIP (Victor)
  • Thursday 3/7 Exhibit Hall Theater II session, OIF Interop Testing Review (Lyndon, Victor)

  • Held F2F meeting in Madrid
  • Information Modeling discussion
    • Seems agreement on using UML as well as YANG
    • Modeling tools under discussion: PlantUML vs. Papyrus - suggested consulting with IISOMI, OIMT
      • suggest inviting them to OIMT on Thursday, or alternatively IISOMI if Wednesday is better
      • Tracy notes multiple tools might be used - e.g., one tool (Papyrus) for UML, another tool for sequence diagrams
      • ONAP strongly behind Papyrus for UML/IM but use another tool for sequence diagrams
      • Petr notes one tool might be simpler if that's possible, also good to invite Bernd into discussion
    • pointing towards 3GPP models as basis
    • link to Core Model through 3GPP UIM? Nigel asking SA5 chair for more information
  • Joint PoC planned using Open FH M-Plane spec and ONAP controller, will involve YANG models from M-Plane spec for RU components
    • hope is to deconstruct some of the models to make them more generally usable

Other external activities
  • OIF still discussing possible TAPI certification

Project status
  • Update on TAPI (Karthik)
    • Note received comments that documentation is lacking on some of the additions that have been made to TAPI - should we institute a policy to require submitters to also provide documentation? (For discussion continue on TAPI call).
      • need people to work on this, currently not enough resources - need to document usage
      • also comment that usage for multilayer could use more common agreement (by design we provide multiple options)
        • maybe more an Implementation Agreement type of topic (OIF?)
    • Working on 2.2 release items, targeted for RC1 at end of March, full release end of May
    • Contents basically the same as before: OAM updates, Photonic Model updates, LLDP model (new), Equipment model (new)
  • Update on OIMT (Kam)
  • Update on MW (Giorgio & Thorsten):

- Detailed report of PoC MW (Nov 2018) will be distributed this week
- Under analysis the change requests to be included in the next TR-532 2.0
- Under discussion the proposal by Thorsten for

o   splitting the MW model into one model per *_Pac (currently 6 together), splitting would enable these to be used separately

(Example is: Being able to use the EthernetContainer_Pac from the MW model also in the Ethernet PHY model.)

o   switching to referencing to models in the TR document instead of listing all attributes of a single UML (helps better matching of UML and YANG, also could reference other models from other sources)

o   extending the scope of the TR-532, e.g. on the wireless transport connections (e.g. technology specific extensions to the ForwardingConstruct) and further interfaces (technology specific extensions to the LP) for being able to manage the entire wireless device.

Kam notes ITU has synchronization model that may be helpful, reference is G.7721 - - has been liaised to ONF so should be avialable through link in ONF Incoming LS wiki page: Liaisons

Further on,

-          there is a discussion about how to develop models in regards to backward compatibility in the WTP. Proposals include 1) ignore 2) make periodic breaks 3) sliding window for each new version identifying deprecated attributes and eventually deleting them - should be discussed with other teams as well - may need to be coordinated with lifecycle states

-          First review of TR-541 Ethernet PHY has been executed. Feedback has been consolidated during and after the review period. Most issues already closed. 

  • Update on DMIP (Thorsten)
    • Very little open issues on TR-545 DMIP. Weekly call is shared with discussions about TR-541 Ethernet PHY. Discussion about Automated Commissioning is on-going.

nest call
Scheduled for March 18 - overlaps with Sydney f2f - postpone to April 1

Action items