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  • Administrative

  • Eqpt Updates (Nigel)

  • OAM Model Updates (Andrea)
  • LLDP Updates (Bernd/Andrea)
  • ODTN Photonic Requirements (Arturo)
  • Connectivity Enhancements (Stephane)

Discussion items

15 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
30 minsOAM Model UpdateAndrea Mazzini
  • Proposed changes

    • Remove "direction" attribute from Meg and Mep classes.

    • Remove "direction" attribute from OamConstraint class

    • Evaluate the need of layerProtocolName attribute of OamConstraint class.

    • megLevel attribute in OamConstraint class: evaluate whether to move to technology specific models.

    • Add "codirectionalDown" boolean attribute to Mep class.

    • Move BandwidthProfile from TapiCommon to TapiEth by augmenting TapiCommon Capacity data-type
    • Augmented TapiOam operations in TapiEth
30 mins Equipment Model Update
    • Extract of full Equipment model from the Core.

    • Rough proposal made in model.

    • Profiles aligned with TAPI

    • Is not yet connected to NEP/CEP or Link/Connection.

    • Not yet interconnected to TAPI Common (i.e., Equipment classes currently have no name/id etc.)

    • Nigel to add commits to get a pruned version of the Core Eqpt model for TAPI
  • Use Cases Discussion (see Tapi-UseCasesForPhysicalEquipment-20190226.docx)
    • In an inventory role I want to determine the actual equipment present in the device along with its properties and states

    • In a provisioning role I want to determine the devices view of what is expected in the device
    • In a diagnostic role I want to determine the physical connectors/pins that a signal passes through at the boundary of a device
    • In a planning role I want to determine the capabilities of specific types of equipment and equipment assemblies so that I can plan to support particular types of service
    • Equipment Protection:
      • This is an functional aspect - some functions of an equipment are protected, not the equipment itself
    • Equipment Function Model
      • This can be done in the next step - near future
    • Software Model
      • This can be done in the next step - near future
  • UML Model
15 minsLLDP Model Update
15 minsODTN Photonic Model

Action items