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  • Administrative

  • LLDP Updates (Bernd/Andrea)

  • Connectivity Model Enhancements (Stephane)
  • ODTN Photonic Requirements (Arturo)
  • Eqpt Updates (Nigel)

Discussion items

5 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
30 minsLLDP Model Update
30 minsConnectivity Enhancements
  • Connection supports hierarchy and grouping of various components
  • Need similar support for connectivity-service and its end-point constructs
  • Current Tapi snapshot may have all the necessary relationships between CSEPs
  • But TAPI needs to support relationships between CS and support multiple CS within a single request.

30 minsODTN Photonic Model

Andrea Campanella

@arturo mayoral

  • Since the link between ROADM & the Transponder will include more components than just fiber (connectors, patch panel, etc), just better to focus on expected span-loss
  • The lowest link-layer for this may not be OTS, but something like optical-phy
  • Ss/Rs in the 698.2 does not specify exactly where these are placed - so makes it harder to judge which parameters are applicable
15 mins Equipment Model Update
    • Extract of full Equipment model from the Core.

    • Rough proposal made in model.

    • Profiles aligned with TAPI

    • Is not yet connected to NEP/CEP or Link/Connection.

    • Not yet interconnected to TAPI Common (i.e., Equipment classes currently have no name/id etc.)

    • Nigel to add commits to get a pruned version of the Core Eqpt model for TAPI

Action items