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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Thorsten Heinze

  • Kam Lam
  • Petr Jurcik
  • Tracy Van Brakle
  • Martin Skorupski
  • Xiang Yun


  • Regular biweekly review of OTCC activities

Discussion items


 ORAN activities Lyndon 
  •  ORAN - Open RAN Alliance is starting up activities -
  • goal is open, disaggregated radio access network (e.g., open FH)
  • ties to 3GPP, ONAP and other activities - interest in ONF modeling work, including both Core Model and Wireless Transport work
  • will give overview presentation about ONF modeling process and application to WT at this week's ORAN meeting in Madrid
  • Q. on the target for the potential cooperation with ORAN
  • Tracy: aim for agreement to use a common core model and the process to add conditional packages as a basis for 4G/5G RAN
  • Note that this does not mean they adopt the ONF core model, as many people want to follow the 3GPP models and there is also an existing XRAN management model for FH using YANG/NETCONF but no IM
  • Some concerns because modeling exists already. May not happen overnight, but hope is that the groups will progress with this direction to allow for greater interoperability and commonality. Will this be more like OpenConfig though, with no common core model? In that case it seemed to be easier to adopt attributes rather than trying to change their model.
  • Suggest that it is important to provide a picture for people to reassure them that material is not going to be lost - need to have good idea of what the final result could be. Concern also that there should not be a conflict that causes work to be delayed.
  • Concerns agreed, but need for commonality is great.
  • Cannot restrain people from defining new models, but we can make the offer, we cannot dictate what happens. If people disagree, they will only split off and start their own modeling effort. We will offer our approach as an example and explore the results in ORAN.
  • 3GPP will not produce a technology-agnostic model as they are focused on a specific technology. Common model may be attractive. ONF core satisfies the needs of operators.

Other External Events

Internal Events
  • sub-project review of TR-541 Ethernet PHY Information Model has started
  • sub-project review of TR-532v1.1 Microwave IM has also started

Action items