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Discussion items


Oen issues on TR-532  team1 ) first walk though done last WT call (see WT meeting minutes):
2) remaining issues:
#53 Updating multiplicity of the supportedLoopBackKindList → decided to address it as topic for Rel.2.0
#52 Disabling the maintenance timer → we need to address  to disable the maintenance timer
#51 Fetching a specific set of performance values → we need to address to filter the reported history data.
#50 License Management → it is complex topic; no agreement to discuss for Rel.2.0; it can be topic for Core Model (AP to G.Cazzaniga to report to OTCC).
3) Older :
#48 Attribute for expressing availability of a transmission mode for fixed modulation → it is not possible today to specify which profiles are available in case of fixed modulation → needs to be addressed.
#46 16bit Integer sufficient for Radio Signal IDs? → seems to be limitation the 16 bit format → needs to be addressed
#45 duplexDistanceList problematic with wide range of adjustable values → we need to have a discussion to understand if it is realistic scenario and so if model change is required.
#42 Performance Monitoring – Threshold Cross Alarms manual Clearing → there is interest to support from any implementation ? SIAE is interested, Nokia no (others to be checked).
#41 Performance Monitoring – Threshold Cross Alarms for decreasing absolute values → proposal is to specify only in the behaviour (description only) but not to add an attribute or modify the model.
#40 Performance Monitoring – Threshold Cross Alarms for further Performance Values → is there any example of additional counters where TCA is requested ? Transmission/received power Level → there is performance counters where we can add TCA.
#34 Ethernet statistics → these are statistics on container (related to Radio interface) → topic to be addressed
#25 Space diversity management → issue is the support of the case of 1 Transmitter and 2 Receiver. Possibility to add parameters to bidirectional AirInterface or to define unidirectional objects in order to instantiate 1 bidirectional + 1 unidirectional Rx in the mentioned case. → topic to be addressed.
#24 Netconf requests to configure a link bundling (multi-radio) → how to add a member to the Ethernet Container that is bundle of radio interfaces ? → topic to be addressed.
 1Additional Stuff  

 1) TR532v1.1 contained an import of a package *874* . Shall we proceed with this import and is it still up-to-date?

→ it is still update (G874)

2) Are there any new features at MW devices to be covered?

→ action to the team to check this point.

3) Would everybody be ok with numbering according to

→ proposal is to have releases major / minor / patch

→ no objection to proceed in this way

Discussion should be about the definition of major/minor/patch with particular attention to the backward compatibility (for example minor releases should be backward compatible with the corresponding major) → let's follow the indications reported and define ourselves what backward compatibility means for TR-532 model.

4) How shall release handling at operators look like?

This question could relate to the backward compatibility topic: different devices with different TR-532 releases could be in field and we need to define the behaviour/the rules to keep backward compatibility.

As WT team we need to prepare a proposal and discuss in WT meeting.

Action items