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  • Lyndon Ong

  • Martin Skorupski

  • Tracy Van Brakle
  • Nigel Davis
  • Italo Busi
  • Latha Ramamurthy
  • Petr Jurcik
  • Kam Lam
  • Thorsten Heinze
  • Karthik Sethuraman
  • Cagatay Buyukkoc
  • Luijing Cai
  • Bernd Zeuner
  • Anna Cui
  • Stephane St. Laurent
  • Andrea C.
  • David Kinsey


Discussion items

  External events 
  • ITU-T Liaisons Liaisons
    • Media modeling to be presented on Thursday call (8am ET. See calendar at Conference Call Schedule) and on future TAPI call (Kam/Karthik to discuss)
    • Ethernet discussion on joint call 2/18
  • ODTN
    • has some requests for TAPI, will be discussed on tomorrow's TAPI call

Potential synergy with ORAN/LF/ONAP



  • - modeling work for open disaggregated RAN, open APIs and whitebox designs
    • note adopts also work from XRAN
    • welcoming people to join and participate in efforts
  • Several separate domain-specific modeling activities - what can we do to help coordinate work, so that we lead to compatible models?
  • Operators want compatible models across vendors, domains and organizations for interoperability
  • ease of version-control and rapid release-management are very much needed
  • ONF/CIM methodology of common core model plus conditional packages would allow commonality plus flexibility
  • Holistic e2e view
  • Nigel: notes previous 3GPP/TMF joint work - TMF work in turn is one basis for ONF/CIM work, so there is existing relationship with 3GPP SA5
    • TMF has adopted ONF Core Model back into their networking model and may feed back into 3GPP modeling
    • one area to adopt is the decoration methodology
    • ONF Core Model has physical equipment model, modeling of constraints, control, generalized processing (goes beyond transport)
    • TAPI is pruned and refactored from the Core Model
  • Cagatay - TMF not directly involved - Nigel - work has moved on to other groups - Tracy - TMF supportive of bigger picture
  • Martin - pattern is very important beyond the model itself, very helpful from a development perspective, allows much quicker innovation and demonstration
  • Nigel - note Core Model also published by ITU-T
  • Karthik - federated approach, respecting spaces of each participating organization (as in interactions with ITU-T, e.g., on photonic modeling)
  • Tracy - first step could be to take XRAN FH M-Plane work, bring it together with ONF CIM, ONAP modeling to make this more generic
    • Note M-Plane spec is already public and can be downloaded publicly (needs registration) -
    • similar open specs available from ONAP
  • allow for more potential types of splits in future
  • Good cross-group relationships - will need to work around any organizational issues
    • ORAN working on what can be made available
  • set up some open joint discussion
    • look at, e.g., how M-Plane work relates to an overall OAM architecture - what is architecture in ONF work

Other notes
  • next time - potential Ethernet and IP conditional package work to be discussed (Thorsten)
    • Karthik notes TAPI has Ethernet extension based on ITU-T Recommendation G.8052, MEF has carrier ethernet extensions, also IEEE
    • Some work in MEF on IP services, expect that some of this may be added to MEF Presto (TAPI-based)
    • Kam - IP is also a work item in OIMT - for future work (see OIMT work list: oimt2018.KL.001.14_oimt-work-items.xlsx)

Next call

Action items