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  • Agenda:

    - finalization of detailed report 5th PoC
    - status of delivery of TR-532 1.1
    - model extension: collection of requirements
    - first walk through the open issues tracked in Mantis

Discussion items

1Finalization of detailed report
  • Thorsten has consolidated all the comments and contributions received until yesterday.

  • First chapter (introduction) needs to be reviewed (please focus on it)
  • Some chapters (conclusions is the main) is still missing: people in WT community is invited to participate.

    Latha Ramamurthy (AT&T) could be involved.

  • Target to deliver the detailed report within end of January.
 2 Status of TR-532 1.1  all the team
  • The official TR-532 1.1 is the 5th PoC website: we need to upload in ONF wiki (or GITHUB and linked to wiki) and we need to produce Word file, including datamodel (UML) and yang file.
  •  Idea is to download from POC5 the yang file and upload to Centennial.

→ Martin will check the files currently present in the PoC5 web and if correct, upload on Centennial

  • The TR-532 1.1 Word document will be delivered just after closure of the latest ETH PHY model issues (2 issues model) - Thorsten task
 3 Model extension all the team

 Last meeting we discussed about possible content/issue of the next TR-532 version of the model:

  • discuss about the alignment with the Core Model 1.4 → we need to do it ? It seems yes.
  • N.B. this model will not be backward compatible respect to 1.1

New model proposals discussed during the call:

  • currently MW model contains different packs. Some of them are specific for MW (e.g. airInterface), while some others are referring to Ethernet transport (e.g. Ethernet Structure). In Ethernet PHY a structure and container is requested. Proposal is to split the packs currently inside TR-532 and move packs for Ethernet management into specific Ethernet model. N.B we are referring to yang files, while TR-532 can describes more generically the function taking from different yang files.
 4 Walk through in Mantis bug tracker  

Action items