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07 January 2019



  • Regular biweekly call of the OTCC TST

Discussion Items

OTCC Review
  • Charter;
    • The Open Transport Configuration & Control (OTCC) project aims to promote common configuration and control interfaces for transport networks in SDN, defining these interfaces with open source software and software-defined standards.

      This project will develop open source software and accompanying software-based standards for control of L0-L2+ transport technologies, including optical and microwave. This project will also develop open source software and accompanying software-based standards simplifying control of service provider multi-domain multi-technology transport networks.

      The OTCC project will coordinate with the ONOS and the ONF Packet-Optical projects to develop and publish standard interfaces. This coordination will be driven bi-directionally:

      a) Promoting adoption of OTCC work by ONOS, and

      b) Using OTCC techniques and tools to model ONOS interfaces to produce models and APIs that can be published as software defined standards.

      Leverage of this work by transport equipment vendors and by partner SDOs (such as OIFMEF) into their information model, API development and PoC/Interop implementation efforts will facilitate industry convergence and avoid needless fragmentation in Transport API space.

    • comment to add mention of integration with RAN - Tracy to suggest text
  • Subprojects:
    • TAPI
    • OTIM (jointly with OIMT Project)
    • WT
    • DMIP
  • TST members:
    • Italo Busi
      Giorgio Cazzaniga (WT Lead)
      Weiqiang Cheng
      Thorsten Heinze (DMIP Lead)
      Kam Lam (OT IM Lead)
      Victor Lopez
      Andrea Mazzini
      Karthik Sethuraman (TAPI Lead)
      Martin Skorupski
      Stephane St. Laurent
      Tracy van Brakle
      Ricard Vilalta
 2019 Call Schedule 
  • OTCC TST Calls: biweekly Mondays 7-8am US Pacific time
  • TAPI Call: weekly Tuesdays 6-8am US Pacific time
  • WT Call: weekly Wednesdays 6-7 US Pacific time
  • IM: weekly Thursdays, 3-6am US Pacific time
  • DMIP: weekly Thursdays, 8-9am US Pacific time
  • Note OIMT has a calendar page on IM-related discussions - Conference Call Schedule

  • Note need to update ONF calendar - Lyndon
  • WT and DMIP notes - Thorsten, Giorgio
    • DMIP has been using changes to issues
    • WT mostly PoC discussions for the past month
    • will resume posting regular notes in future
 2019 F2F Meeting Plans 

F2F Meetings for 2019

  • March 18-22 Sydney - hosted by Cisco:
    • Need to prep for the logistics information, in particular the invitation letter for visa application
  • May 6-10, 2019 Beijing - hosted by FiberHome and China Mobile:
    • Thanks to FiberHome & China Mobile for volunteering the site!
  • September 2019 OIMT/OTCC meeting:
    • Current plan is to meet at the ONF CONNECT meeting with rooms available to us for parallel working tracks
  • December 9-13
    • possible location is London, UK
 Open Items 
  • Note presentations from ONF Connect are now available at
  • Project plans
    • TAPI - Karthik - main activity is enhancement of the Photonic Model, closely tied to the ODTN project in ONF; second is a TAPI 2.2 release in end March (not 3.0, so mainly updates e.g. to resilience, multi-layer, OAM, plus addition of equipment inventory functions); need to start planning for TAPI 3.0, possibly in September.
      • item: addition of WT model to TAPI - have discussed in the past, WT group has done some work with TAPI photonic model. Should plan for this, will add as discussio item on WT meeting.
      • item: potential integration with ONAP - Tracy - being formalized as a project in ONAP r.4/Dublin, sponsored by Fujitsu and others - establish links with this work - Tracy to provide links
      • item: MEF L1 project also will be tied closely with TAPI work, as well as the OAM and Ethernet work (but not photonic work)
    • WT - Giorgio - still closing activity on 5th PoC, working on detailed report/white paper, blog was posted last week on the ONF webpage (thanks Timon!)
      • plan to discuss alignment with core model updates (PoC mainly aligned with v1.2)
        • involves definition of compatibility mechanisms - seems not complete currently, e.g., to handle bug fixes
        • note application perspective is different for compatibility
        • potentially impacts other group work as well, possible topic for more joint discussion (has been some discussion in TAPI, Nigel has suggested white paper)
          • not easy to resolve, many possible definitions/levels for backward compatibility came up in TAPI discussion, but some statement would be good
          • OIMT has a work item but has not been addressed yet - Nigel and Martin
        • operator issue - updating of applications and devices cannot be done in one action but involves more gradual process
      • resolve open issues identified at the PoC, update to the specs to 1.2 version
      • additional work on associated models such as Ethernet PHY, Ethernet MAC and synchronization
        • initial PHY model was tested in 5th PoC, issues identified in MANTIS tracker, interest in publishing work in 1Q19
    • DMIP - Thorsten - have published TR-545 and implemented some aspects in the WT 5th PoC, results were positive and expect more coverage of requirements over time; some minor issues were identified but no urgent issues
      • possibility to expand to further areas, e.g., automated commissioning, still under discussion
      • operator representatives discussing other areas of work and may have contributions for additional work
    • OTIM - Kam - calls consolidated with Thursday OIMT calls to reduce overhead and give people more time for work, continuing technology specific modeling work
      • discussing IEEE CFM jointly with ITU-T/IEEE/MEF monthly call - MEP modeling is one issue that might be brought up
      • OIMT starting new discussion on IP Segment Routing
 Next Call Jan. 21, 2019 - note ITU-T Q.12/Q.14 meeting in Wuhan but should still be OK

Action Items