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11 December 2018



  • Administrative

    • TAPI release & work items

  • TAPI RI - Quick Demo

  • TAPI Photonic Model

    • F2F agreements - quick recap

    • UML model work is based on F2F agreements

Discussion Items

15 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
  • Next TAPI call: next call Dec 18: Nigel to lead
    • Skip Dec 25th & Jan 1st calls
  • OIMT/TAPI F2F - co-located with ONF Connect
  • TAPI 2.1.1 Status
  • Joint ITU-T SG-15 Q14 & IEEE 802.1 CFM YANG/UML & ONF coordination call for G.8052.1
10 MinsTAPI RI Update/DemoKarthik Sethuraman
  • Currently only updated the Transponder & OLS domain topology databases
  • An TAPI client that allows for visualization of one or more TAPI server context topologies
45 minsPhotonic Media

Karthik Sethuraman

Nigel Davis

  • Karthik recapped the decisions agreed at the Infinera F2F and the impact on current TAPI Photonic Termination model
  • Five concepts related to carrying signal end-to-end

    1. The spectrum allocated to carry an OTSi.
    2. The actual spectrum occupied by an OTSi signal - this is something that is deduced based on measurements
    3. The media channel resulted from the configuration of a filter. This is the frequency slot of the filter in ITU-T.
    4. NMC is the emergent effect of the serial concatenation of all the media channels in the path, including any filters in the modulator and demodulator
    5. The observation spectrum. This may be wider/narrower than the actual allocated spectrum.
      • OTSiMC layer protocol qualifier identifies the spectrum over which the OTSi is observed. The corresponding package will define the following attributes
        • Spectrum bandwidth: lower frequency, upper frequency
        • Power properties: total power, power spectrum density (PSD)
  • Nigel proposed an model simplification based on ONF Core
    • Model only has MCA connections - MC connections are just List elements of the MCA connections
    • Model only has MCA CEPs - MC CEPs are just List elements of the MCA CEPs

Action Items