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10 December 2018



Discussion Items

 External activities 
  • Incoming liaison from OIF on Technical Spec and Test Plan for 2018 OIF TAPI Demonstration (uploaded to Liaisons page)
  • Outgoing liaison to ITU-D (developing countries) responding to incoming liaison, with information on SDN development and deployment
 Internal activities 
  • WT 5th PoC completed
    • website
    • note TR-541 Ethernet PHY model - still draft, number was reserved in advance from ONF
      • to be further discussed, was implemented by some participants as part of the PoC as demonstration PoC
    • DT, ATT and Telefonica Germany planning split of work to implement models for microwave device
      • to include wireline/wireless convergence - models to address both, but microwave first.
      • TAPI optical model to be incorporated as well - implemented for use case in the PoC, feedback on modeling very positive
  • TAPI 2.1.1 to be published today
    • agreed in face-to-face to support ODTN project
    • fixes some bugs found in implementation, no changes to UML/functionality
    • will add Reference Implementation code that was not updated earlier - implements OLS controller (client), OLS domain (server) and transponder (server)
      • intended to help with ODTN Phase 1.5
 ONF Connect 

3 talks presented:

Other notes

  • ODTN Keynote and Reference Design work (Andrea Campanella) - note demo with TAPI planned for OFC
  • Victor - there was also a demo using TAPI with Telefonica and Nokia - see link

Note: Thanks very much to Stephane St. Laurent and Infinera for providing the meeting venue and support!

Meeting Notes

  • review of TIP L0 modeling
  • review of ODTN status
  • update on OpenConfig
  • work on TAPI 2.2 multi-layer connectivity service, photonic model, LLDP model, resilience, SPN
    • release planned in March
  • schedule of calls going forward
  • future meetings:
    • 3/18-22 in Sydney
    • 5/6-10 in China (host tbd)
    • 9/9-13 in Santa Clara (immediately preceding ONF Connect)
    • 12/9-13 in Europe (possibly London)



Addition of 2 new members

  • Stephane St. Laurent (Infinera) - extensive input into photonic model
  • Tracy van Brakle (ATT) - lead sponsor for ONAP & ORAN integration
  • both have made extensive contributions
  • both have key roles and actively promoted OTCC work in other groups - TIP and ONAP/ORAN
  • cleared with ONF leadership, need to update ONF website

Plan to update TST Procedures - Lyndon to circulate

 next OTCC TST Call 

12/24 call cancelled

1/7 next call

Action Items

Lyndon - circulate TST Procedures update, get website changed to include Stephane and Tracy