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22 October 2018



  • Administrative: Dec. 3 - 7 OIMT & OTCC Joint Meeting
  • Incoming ITU-T Liaison Statements
  • TAPI Media Model

Discussion Items

10 min.Administrative
30 min.Incoming SG15 Liaison Statements 
  • SG15-LS131: Coordination of Ethernet information and data modelling work
    • Continue the monthly coordination call
    • Dates: 2018 Nov 19, Dec 17; 2019 Jan 14, Feb 18, Mar 11, Apr 15, May 20, Jun 17
    • Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CET
    • URL: to be provided
  • SG15-LS132: Updates to Element Management Modeling
    • Intiate approval process for 5 Recommendations: G.875 (ex. G.874.1), G.7721 (ex. G.sync-mgmt), G.8052, G.8152. G.8151
    • Share the latest drafts: G.8052.1, G.8052.2, G.876 (ex.
    • Request adding two associations to future version of TR-512 for sync-mgmt
      • ConstraintDomainAggregateClocks
      • ClockAssociatedWithFcPort
  • SG15-LS133: LS/r/o Update on media architecture and management 
    • oimt2018.SS.002-SG15-media-results
    • G.872 media part will be moved to G.807 (, aim to consent both in July 2019 SG15 plenary meeting
    • Boundary of the usage of the media and the media.
    • OSC is another medai artifact,
    • Not talk about the usage of the OSC (e.g., the Overhead).
    • Correction to slide 5: Digital should be at the top, signal (analogue) at the bottom
    • The "home plate" symbol, same symbol for different functions, the label indicates the function.
    • The "home plate", the flat-side is the G.800 digital data, the pointed-side is signal,
    • Dieter: much more in the the Modulation X and Demod X,
    • Malcolm: the symbol could be complex, multi-stage, e.g., simple case could be simply turning binary (0/1) into light on/off, complex could be multi-stage,
    • Slide 8, G.709.3; the adaptation symbol will be shaded.
    • On Signal with multiple information streams: same signal, one frequency slot, with two information streams
    • X & Y in Modulation X&Y have different application codes
    • The OTSiG-O overhead is not the 2nd stream.
    • The 2nd Message channel information is to guide the modulation and demodulation at the head end and tail end of the DWDM system, low frequencey
    • Other case of second stream, see Clause 15 of G.709, also similar note in G.872.
    • Regarding SMC, same position as the Stockholm response
20 minTAPI media model  

Action Items