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22 October 2018



Discussion Items

 TAPI 2.1 

TAPI 2.1 SDK has been approved and published on Github

We are in the process of working with Timon to publicize this

Also getting support from Andrea C./ODTN, who were very happy that we have approved 2.1

Release notes were created based on the various inputs from the group and approved by the TST

Some concerns were noted about the inclusion of SMC in the photonic media model due to insufficient resolution in ITU-T - we have noted this in the release notes

Q: what will happen with the ITU-T question? ITU-T has not agreed to the SMC/wide media channel. Note one of the liaisons from ITU-T will be on the model, we could respond back concerning the SMC concept, maybe as modeling concept rather than dataplane concept? In Q.14, ITU-T did not see a need for a special label but otherwise did not explicitly rule it out - we could possibly position this ias part of a hierarchy of media channels. However most recent liaison is from Q.12, need to review this. Liaison was approved, we can take an early look based on ITU-T participants Need further discussion - if possible discuss in TAPI call tomorrow. Aim would be to converge with ITU-T.

Q: what about Restconf alignment? Going forward, is there an issue with OAS? Again intention is to align with Restconf. OAS may have some advantages for people that are not so familiar with Restconf and are not part of that ecosystem, i.e., IT folks, provides a documentation tool. Should Restconf be identified as normative, like YANG? Should we make OAS less than "recommended"? Is there a process for guaranteeing compliance with Restconf? Seems some disagreement about what OAS provides vs. what Restconf provides. Leave open for more substantive contributions.

 Other external events 

OIF - none so far but are considering a TAPI certification program


ITU-T - 3 liaisons coming from ITU-T meeting, one on IEEE CFM, one on modeling progress in Q.14 - relates to CIM work, one on media architecture - most closely related to our work on media model. Kam will get confirmation if it's OK with WG chair to start discussing this (in advance of formal receipt of liaison).

 Other internal events 

TAPI - approval of 2.1 as above, continuing discussions


 Next call 

Next week, our usual slot, conflicts with OIF, so the next TST call will be November 12th

Reminder that we have our f2f in December. So far input from participants has been that they prefer to have a separate meeting from the ONF Connect conference. Detailed agenda to be discussed on Thursday call.

Action Items