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02 October 2018




Discussion Items

10 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
  • Next TAPI call: Next Week
  • TAPI 2.1 Plan
    • Target End-Q3 2018
      • Push it back couple of weeks to the start of Q4-2018 - mid-end Oct
      • RC3 will be released this week - will be submitted for last call approval for official 2.1 release
    • Key items
      • TAPI Photonic Media
        • target ODTN project
      • TAPI OAM (mostly ETH) Updates
        • target MEF NRM-OAM project
      • Updated OpenAPI Specs (OAS) updates for Restconf Compliance
20 minsYANG & OAM updates 
30 minsWire ProtocolItalo Busi
  • Agreed the following:
    • TAPI UML model released as part of an official TAPI release is the only source of subsequent generated (YANG, OAS, etc) TAPI deliverable outputs.
    • TAPI Yang model released as part of an official TAPI release is the only valid TAPI YANG model for for that release.
    • TAPI OAS (OpenAPI spec) released as part of an official TAPI release is the recommended REST API specification for that TAPI release
30 minsBackward CompatibilityItalo Busi
  • Agreed the following:
    • ONF TAPI release process does not guarantee backward compatibility of YANG models across major versions of TAPI releases. The Yang model backward compatibility criteria is outlined in section 10 of ( 
    • TAPI R2.1 YANG models are not backward compatible with previous TAPI releases
  • Also need to evaluate if all the TAPI artifacts are correctly annotated with LifeCycle stereotypes (all Photonic classes are marked as <Experimental>) , but what about others? This cannot be done by 2.1, but we should target this as an important goal and need volunteers (smile)
30 minsPhotonic SMC/NMC ScenariosStephane St-Laurent
  • Proposal to use CentralFrequency attribute for NMC in addition to regular MediaChannel's Lower/Upper Frequency attributes
  • Proposal to add a list of lowerMediaChannelOffsets attribute in the MediaChannelConfig to allow for requests that would like to ask for MediaChannel hierarchy.
  • Could not complete the discussion.. will be continued on Thursday 5AM PDT OIMT call.

Action Items