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01 October 2018



Discussion Items

 TR-545 StatusLyndon, Thorsten

Agreed to issue initially as "-info", with note approved by Timon, on the webpage for Models & APIs (together with other WT work)

The document number will be ONF TR-545 v1.0-info.

We will also pursue upgrade to a full TR - this requires Board approval and Board does not meet until December

Thorsten and I will put together an argument for this to become full TR - if this process works it could be a pattern for future, initially publishing documents as "-info" followed by request for Board approval (if desired)

Thorsten will also contact Patrick Lopez on the Board

 TAPI 2.1 StatusKarthik

Plan is to post Release Candidate 3 by tomorrow

  • updates since RC2 are some Photonic Model cleanup, and addition of augment
  • Last Call - no functional issues, only bugs/issues - objective is to freeze around RC3
  • in this case try MEF procedure and ask for yes/no vote (then comments addressed in future TAPI 2.1.1 or 3.0) - seems OK to people

Initiate review process (2 week Last Call) to approve tagging this as the official TAPI 2.1 SDK release

Look for email initiating the review process - Lyndon & Karthik

Comment that we need to go through and update status of current issues

Italo to provide coimments for release notes on bwd compat, protocol specif

 Face-to-Face Meeting 

We are planning to hold the face-to-face on Dec. 3-7 at Infinera

Timon/ONF has offered to add another room for our meeting at ONF Connect during Dec. 4-6.

However we believe participants would need to pay registration fee $695 if paid by 10/13, going up from there

Poll to see if people would like to move this to ONF Connect

 Other events of interest 

OIF - nothing new

MEF - some letter ballots coming soon that are dependent on TAPI 2.1 as well

ODTN - RD under review, may be the first to be published; ODTN project moving forward, hoping for 1-2 demos at ONF Connect

European project using TAPI photonic work - see

 Next call Planned for 10/15, 7am US Pacific Time - may be conflict for some due to ITU-T meeting - may move to after 6pm CET - Lyndon to poll to see if this is a problem for anyone

Action Items

  • @Lyndon/Thorsten - work on publishing TR-545 and potential upgrade to full TR
  • Lyndon/Karthik - send out email to initiate Last Call on TAPI 2.1
  • Lyndon - send email to see if we can move the time for the next OTCC TST call to accomodate ITU-T meeting