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25 September 2018



Discussion Items

10 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
90 MinsPhotonic Model Issues@Arturo
    • Need to update the configurable Threshold descriptions
    • Would it be sufficient to just set the desired value and probably the deviation ?
      • Current model is related to the absolute threshold model. above would be a relative threshold model.
      • Do we need to configure the clear values?
      • For now, leave it as-is.
    • sub-issue-1: Need to add layer-protocol-qualifier constraints as YANG when clause
    • sub-issue-2: It is anticipated that we will add amplifier properties pac to the OTS "Media Channel CEP". So its modeled as separate class/grouping. But this needs further discussion.
    • sub-issue-3: - Remove the legacy definitions of ChannelNumber and FrequencySlot/width
      • Should consistently use one method only to specify the CentralFrequency and Spectrum
      • Agreed to always specify frequency in MHz as an integer value
      • Remove the FrequencySlot datatype definition
      • Rename Spectrum to SpectrumBand
      • Refactor CentralFrequencyOrWavelength data-type into FrequencyConstraint and apply FrequencyConstraint (as an additional attribute) to both centralFrequency and SpectrumBand definitions/usages in OTSi/MC pacs.
    • sub-issue-4: Renamed the SpectrumType enumeration to PhotonicLayerQualifier.
    • discussion to be continued on the github issue

Action Items