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17 September 2018



  • Regular biweekly meeting of the OTCC TST

Discussion Items

 TR-545 StatusLyndon/Thorsten
  • Approved through the OTCC group and TST
  • At this point could be published as "-info" according to publication guidelines
  • However, we are exploring if it could be published as full TR
    • Thorsten has contacted Timon about this, waiting on reply
 ONF ConnectLyndon/Nigel/Karthik/Kam
  • OTCC and OIMT are not on the agenda yet
  • TAPI will come up in the ODTN sessions
    • Karthik has submitted a proposal to the CFP for a talk
  • CIM may be a good topic for UPAN and ODTN sessions or other general session
    • Nigel/Kam have submitted a proposal for a talk
  • WT work may be potentially interesting to M-CORD participants? UPAN?
    • submitted proposal
 OTCC/OIMT face-to-faceKam

OTCC and OIMT will have a face-to-face the same week as ONF Connect (week of Dec. 3rd)

  • it will be M-F (Connect is Tu-Th), hosted by Infinera - Thanks to them for volunteering the site!
  • details on registering can be found here: 2018 December 3 - 7 ONF OIMT & OTCC Santa Clara Meeting
  • Location is close to ONF Connect so people can split off to go there as well
  • Original plan for March '19 f2f needs change - Bernd will not be able to host - volunteers solicited to host meeting (Chris?)
 Any new activities of note? 


MEF - comment period on NRM OAM, also L1 work, IETF topology alignment work underway (Karthik, Bernd, others involved)

ODTN - Phase 1.5 will use TAPI 2.1, also Reference Design - getting comments on the documentation

TAPI - 2.1 RC1 released, hope to have RC2 this week, release by end Sept depends on further changes needed - note change log, some link may need to be updated

OTIM - continuing work on OAM

WT, DMIP - no report

 Next call October 1st, 7am US Pacific Time

Action Items