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11 September 2018



Discussion Items

5 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
  • Next TAPI call: Next Week
  • TAPI 2.1 Plan
    • Release has been delayed
    • Old target of 3Q-start 2018, new target 3Q-end 2018
    • Key items
      • TAPI Photonic Media
        • target ODTN project
      • TAPI OAM (mostly ETH) Updates
        • target MEF NRM-OAM project
      • OpenAPI updates for Restconf Compliance
      • TAPI Equipment Inventory
        • Moved to TAPI 2.2 - mainly due to lack of time to discuss/review on TAPI calls
  • OIF TAPI Interop Status
    • Discussed Liaison on Joint OTCC-OIF call
    • Joint call to discuss technical details
      • Sept 6: OIMT-TAPI Call slot (5AM Pacific Time)
      • Further calls needed...
  • MEF
    • Activity initiated to align TAPI Topology Yang to IETF Topology (I2RS) so as to be able to use it in SD-WAN APIs
90 minsPhotonic Parameters

Adriana Veronica Errigo




  • Threshold parameters pac should augment the TAPI OAM Threshold
    • default values probably better represented as a "default" profile rather than an model attribute
  • totalPowerUpper(/Lower)Warn - boolean - what is this for?
    • supposed to model an defect, not a TCA
    • pattern-wise, we have typically modeled this as a TCA notification rather than a attribute
  • Frequency should be modeled as Integer in MHz unit rather than a Real number
  • GridType Enum: Remove C & L Band enum values
  • spectralWidthInGhz should be changed to just spectralWidth with unit in MHz in comments
  • Power attributes: totalPower should be in dBm, spectralPowerDensity is in nW/MHz
 TAPI Issues 
  • getSIPList should return SIP references rather than actual list

Action Items