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04 September 2018



Discussion Items


Karthik Sethuraman,

Bernd Zeuner

  • Photonic LTP Model:
    • Cardinalites: r, s, n, N
      • Need clarification
    • OMS link between the transponder and ROADM
      • Stay with label of OMS link at the moment, don't create additional label
    • MEP: clarified the up/down, the up/down semantic is consistent with Ethernet
    • OPM measure both the power going out and the power coming in, so no up/down,
    • OTSi and NMC
      • In ITU-T definition, OTSi is the optical signal, NMC is the media channel, both have the same starting point and the same ending point.
  • Bernd's mapping of the object classes:
    • No need to model the NMCA Pool and SMCA Pool, so no mapping
  • Power measurement: Not the total of the assembly, but the power of each individual NMC/OTSi memberPH

Karthik Sethuraman,

Malcolm Betts

Action Items