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14 August 2018



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    • Future meetings
  • Feedback from Q14/15 Stockholm meeting
    • Response to OIMT/OTCC Liaison

Discussion Items

20 minutesFuture meetings
  • 2018 December 3 - 7: ONF OIMT & OTCC Meeting in Santa Clara (co-located with Dec. 4 - 6 ONF Connect 2018)
    • Jan. 21-25: Q12+Q14 in South China (may invite OIMT & OTCC)
  • 1Q 2019 (February or March 18-22) in Darmstadt hosted by DT (Bernd)
    • April 8-12: Q14 in Europe (may invite OIMT & OTCC)
  • 2Q 2019 in Asia (China, Japan), need host
    • Late May - Early July: SG15 in Geneva
  • 3Q 2019 in Australia hosted by Cisco (Chris)
  • 4Q 2019 in California, co-located with ONF "CONNECT 2019" workday 
40 minutesFeedback from Q14/15 
  • Response to OIMT & OTCC Liaison
    • Q14/15's answer to ONF questions regarding photonic media
      • The concept of a wide media channel
        • Will use FC to represent a media channel, with properties about its end points (FcPorts), center frequency and width
        • Do not see the need to define a new specialization of the FC to represent a “wide” media channel
        • It may be useful have a construct that groups a set of media channels (with common end points) that have non-contiguous frequency slots. Represent the OMS link, or for the set of network media channels that support an OTSiG
      • Generic label/name for the electrical AI
        • Have an LTP that represents the combination of a configured adaptation bound to the appropriate number of configured modulators. It would not be necessary to define the information stream (AI) between the adaptation and modulation functions.
        • Would appreciate further description of the purpose of a name for this information stream in the context of the information model.
      • SOTU and MOTU
        • Agree that these interface classifications need not be directly represented in the information model
    • Progress on G.media-mgmt and G.sync-mgmt
      • The latest editor drafts will be attached
    • Request input on using the Physical model
      • Use cases:
        • Use AccessPort to represent physical port (pin group) and aggregation of the physical ports
          • Make AccessPort a concrete class and have recursive aggregation.

Action Items


generic label/name for the electrical AI entering the optical modulator/demodulator