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31 July 2018



  • Administrative Updates
    • TAPI 2.1 Release Plan
    • ODTN, OIF, MEF Updates 
  • Main Discussion Items
    • OTSi Media Model
      • Base Termination Model recap
      • UML Model Updates
      • Photonic Parameters
  • Other issuesReview of TAPI RI example(s) and desired enhancements
    • Resilience Type/Constraints (Andrea)
      • GitHub Issue - #310
    • TAPI OAM Model Updates (Karthik)
      • OamProfile – PmThreshold & PmBin
    • TAPI Equipment/Inventory Model
    • ODU/DSR (L1) Model Enhancements
      • OTU Layer attributes for CEP & MEP
      • Representation of ODU channelization info in SIP/CSEP
    • Github Issues
      • ETH VLAN Config #313
      • Multi-layer NEP #309
    • Migration to Papyrus Oxygen
    • RESTConf compliance of TAPI OpenAPI
    • Notification enhancements
      • Subscription to specific attribute changes
      • Representation of change-delta for deep/complex attribute data-types
  • TAPI 2.0 Documentation and Use Cases
    • Termination Model (SIP, SEP, NEP, CEP)
    • Multi-layer, Multi-domain Connectivity
    • Resiliency, Protection & Restoration
    • OAM, Performance and Monitoring

Discussion Items

10 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
  • Next TAPI call: Next Week Tuesday Aug 7, 6 AM PST
  • TAPI 2.1 Plan
    • Release has been delayed
    • Old target of 3Q-start 2018, new target 3Q-end 2018?
      • First RC mid of next month
    • Key items
      • TAPI Photonic Media
        • target ODTN project
      • TAPI OAM (mostly ETH) Updates
        • target MEF NRM-OAM project
      • TAPI Equipment Inventory
      • OpenAPI updates for Restconf Compliance
  • ODTN
    • Mostly interested in mapping TAPI OLS photonic parameters to southbound
  • OIF TAPI Interop Status
    • Activity completed
    • First public readout at NGON last month,
      • slides to be uploaded into OIF web
    • Private readouts @ CenturyLink, @China Telecom, @MEF
    • TAPI 2.0.x was tested
    • Awaiting liaison with the findings
    • Joint calls to be scheduled
      • Tentative Date: Aug 20th OTCC TST call slot
  • MEF Update
    • The released MEF NRM/NRP (L2 - MEF 59/60) already are based on TAPI
    • The ongoing MEF NRM-OAM & SOAM/SAT projects also are extending TAPI
    • MEF NRM-L1 project just approved, which will extend TAPI for ODU & other L1 Servcies
    • Discussion on aligning TAPI with MEF MCM
    • Other discussions with MEF related modeling and including other ecosystems
90 minsPhotonic Media & OTSiAndrea Mazzini

Nigel Davis

Stephane St-Laurent

Karthik Sethuraman


  • In the OLS domain, we need to represent a network-level media channel that is wider spectrum than NMC, but narrower than OMS.
    • We call it SMC - service media channel
    • All the connectivity in the OLS domain is made at this SMC granularity
    • SMC spectrum width at each ROADM Node could potentially be different
      • In such a case, the spectrum width of network-level SMC should be an intersection of all Node-level SMCs
  • Photonic OAM Model in OLS: The OTSiA really represents the OAM aspects

Action Items