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31 July 2018



  • Liaison to SG15 on photonic media
  • Ethernet OAM
    • IEEE p802.1Qcx CFM YANG and re-engineered UML
    • G.8052.1 

Discussion Items

45minEthernet CFMBernd, Kam
  • IEEE p802.1Qcx CFM YANG
  • UML of IEEE p802.1Qcx CFM YANG July 3rd version
    • oimt2018.BZ.001.05_PapyrusIeeeCfmOxygenWorkspace_180703.zip
    • Conclusion from previous discussion 2018-07-17 OT-IM Meeting Notes
      • YANG key leaf is mandatory (and no need of the mandatory statement)
        • Thus in the UML model, the object key attributes should be mandatory
          • maintenanceGroup: MaintenanceGroupType [1]
          • mdId: NameKeyType [1]
          • maId: NameKeyType [1]
          • _mepId: Mep [1]
    • Bernd presented the updates to the CFM UML that he has made (posted as oimt2018.BZ.001.06_PapyrusIeeeCfmOxygenWorkspace_180731.zip):
      • Attributes marked as "partOfObjectKey" have now a multiplicity of "1"
      • Groupings containing a choice statement are now modeled according to the latest state of the discussion in IISOMI: I#298
        • bridge::ServiceId
        • types::MdNameChoice
        • types::MaNameChoice
      • Typedefs of type "bits" are now modeled according to the latest state of the discussion in IISOMI: I#296
        • types::MepDefectsType
        • types::ConfigErrorType
        • types::MepTxLtmFlagsType
    • Need explanation from Marc:
      • Why the key attribute of Mep is a pointer attribute: _mepId
    • In the UML, do we still need a pair of leaf to identiy a MA? To identify a Mep? etc.
      • Following the pattern of the YANG module will end up with the non-ideal UML model, e.g.,
        • having a pair of leafref to identify an object instance
        • having the extra level of containment (MaintenanceDomains contain MaintenanceDomain, etc.)
      • No conclusion yet.
  • G.8052.1:
    • Consider augmenting the (Mepieee802-dot1q-cfm::Interface)Actions with (G.8052.1::Interface)EthMepActions, which consists of the G.8052.1 pruned/refactored operations.

Action Items