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23 July 2018 OTCC TST Call Notes



Discussion Items

 Updates from External ActivitiesLyndon



  • meeting in progress this week
 Updates from internal activities






TAPI 2.1 Plan 

  • Release has been delayed
  • Old target of 3Q-start 2018, new target 3Q-end 2018?
    • First RC mid of next month
  • Key items
    • TAPI Photonic Media
      • target ODTN project
      • Initial draft of model on GitHub
      • Still discussing open issues on need for modeling OTSi layer in the OLS domain
      • Thorsten - interested in review of Pac, potentially trial in WT 5th PoC
    • TAPI OAM (mostly ETH) Updates
      • target MEF NRM-OAM project
      • Draft model on GitHub
    • TAPI Equipment Inventory
      • Draft model to be cloned by pruning/refactoring from Core IM
      • Cloned portions not expected to significantly differ from Core IM
    • OpenAPI updates for Restconf Compliance
      • Updates to Uml2Yang tool in progress
      • Proposal to use the same Yang2OpenApi tool as MEF Presto
      • Based on ODL yang tools rather than pyang (current Yang2OpenApi tool)
      • Expect discussion of EAGLE tools at MEF
      • Will use Papyrus version Photon for now - user guidelines will not be updated yet pending results - note must download Eclipse first and search for Papyrus - note package is preferable to some but Eclipse seems to recommend this procedure


  • Most of the recent discussion was on the Ethernet OAM models
    • IEEE p802.1Qcx CFM (Connectivity Fault Management) YANG
    • ITU-T draft G.8052.1 (Carrier Ethernet OAM)
      •  It will have UML and YANG models for the G.8013/Y.1731 Ethernet grade OAM functions.
        • The YANG model will be translated from the UML by using the translation tool
        • The YANG model will augment the IEEE 802.1Qcx CFM YANG to provide the G.8013/Y.1731 Ethernet grade OAM functions
  • Also discussed the models for TAPI
    • Photonic & OTSi model
    • Equipment model
      • Question - what is function of equipment model in NBI? Part of inventory. Question on Use Case - provides logical to physical mapping for clients of the NBI, e.g., for fault localization to specific equipment part - see if carrier can provide uc description. Second use case has come up with ODTN line system controller model.

OIMT Project:

  • Most of the recent effort has been on July 2018 deliverables,
    • Which include
      • Core model: TR-512 v1.4
      • Guidelines: TR-514 v1.3 (UML), TR-515 v1.3 (Papyrus), TR-531 v1.1 (UML-YANG)
    • Review plan and links to the documents that are ready for review:oimt2018.KL.008.11_reviewPlan.docx
    • Aim to release at end of July. (May actually be early August)
  • Worked on items aimed for v1.4.1 and beyond, including LTP Port model
  • Discussed the models for TAPI jointly with TAPI/OTIM groups
    • Photonic & OTSi model
    • Equipment model
  • Worked on liaison to ITU-T SG15 on the photonic and OTSi models
  • Continue worked on modeling infrastructure (UML, Papyrus) and UML-YANG mapping
    • Model/Interface compatibility
    • Attribute properties/datatype constraints by using OCL (Object Constraint Language)
    • UML-YANG mapping tool updates, bits modeling & mapping, choice modeling & mapping, YANG statement “require-instance”, etc.
      • Bernd receiving comments
    • Links for details:


  • we finalized the analysis and the agreements on all the change requests tracked in Mantis;
  • we expect now a version 1.1 of TR-532 within the next couple of weeks (at least the UML) for application in the 5th PoC of November
    • Thorsten expects consolidated UML by Wednesday, then convert this to YANG


  • have had 2 reviews, incorporated feedback, continuing to resolve open issue on DHCP optionfor automated commissioning of Controller IP address - what option code to use
  • plan for OTCC wide review once this has been resolved (need guidelines on ONF procedures following this - is there ONF wide review?)

Next call is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 6th but there is overlap with an ITU-T meeting

  • reschedule to Aug. 13 or postpone to Aug. 20th? Tentatively plan to skip to Aug. 20th
  • Also no TAPI call this week or OTIM call due to MEF

Action Items