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4 July 2018



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Discussion Items

1ONAP PoCTracy Van Brakle
  • Feedbacks from the just held ONAP PoC are positive from Tracy
  • Goal is to show that the project is seriously going towards real field deployments
  • 5th PoC PoC will also go in this direction

The following points have been closed (approved)





#26 (after the discussion of the previous week call)

For what is concerning the items #27 and #28 it has been decided to have the following proposal under two weeks review period:

During discussions, it has been found that the underlying feature has been implemented only by a single vendor.
After rest of present vendors and also operators indicated limited interest in the feature, it has been rated a customer specific implementation with limited chances of a wider adoption in the industry.

Since it would not be possible to consolidate all attributes of customer specific implementations into a clear and easy to understand standard, it is proposed not to include the requested attribute, but to leave it for configuration with the proprietary element manager

Action Items