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03 July 2018





  • Administrative Updates
  • OTSi Media Model 
    • Disaggregation Use Case Scenario
    • UML Model
  • Physical Model 
    • TAPI Equipment/Inventory Model
  • Other issuesReview of TAPI RI example(s) and desired enhancements
    • OTSi Media Model
      • Dis-aggregation Use Case (ODTN)
      • Multi-vendor OMS Use Case (Martin)
      • OTSi OAM in MEP/MIP style
    • ODU/DSR (L1) Model Enhancements
      • OTU Layer attributes for CEP & MEP
      • Representation of ODU channelization info in SIP/CSEP
    • Github Issues
      • ETH VLAN Config #313
      • Multi-layer NEP #309
    • Migration to Papyrus Oxygen
    • Migration to latest OpenModelProfile
    • RESTConf compliance of TAPI OpenAPI
    • Notification enhancements
      • Subscription to specific attribute changes
      • Representation of change-delta for deep/complex attribute data-types
  • TAPI 2.0 Documentation and Use Cases
    • Termination Model (SIP, SEP, NEP, CEP)
    • Multi-layer, Multi-domain Connectivity
    • Resiliency, Protection & Restoration
    • OAM, Performance and Monitoring

Discussion Items

60 minsOTSi Model

Karthik Sethuraman

Nigel Davis

Stephane St-Laurent

Andrea Mazzini

  • TAPI OTSi Overview
  • Discussed the Transponder-Roadm interface

  • Brief discussion on OTSiGe terminology and NEP abive the OTU which shows multiple OTUCn into the same flexo group. We need to further discuss this aspect.
  • Need to emphasize that the OMS Link between the transponder and the ROADM is short and hence it need not be co-routed.
  • Discussed broadcast SMC at the trib side
  • The consideration of a deep packet inspection analogy
  • It was emphasized that the SMC is the connection with flexibility, the route of the NMC cannot be adjusted independently of the SMC route. The presence of the NMC depends upon the usage
  • Sergio questioned the SMC. Nigel explained the use of SMC for creation of a highway.
  • Discussed the transition of SMC spectrum from one ROADM to the next and questioned whether this was really possible due to guard band considerations.
  • Nigel noted that guard bands could be handled in the ROADM but not between.

Action Items