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05 June 2018



  • Administrative
    • Ottawa meeting agenda plan
    • URN NID progress update
  • Technical
    • IEEE 802.1Qcp CFM DM & G.8052.1 UML (Kam)

Discussion Items

  • URN NID progress update
    • Kam reported that Scott has updated the ONF URN draft to addressed the received comments from the reviewers. The updated draft has been posted at: draft-onf-urn (draft-onf-urn_2018.05.29)
    • Kam briefly ran through the updates.
  • Home page of the ONF URN documents: ONF URN (Uniform Resource Names)

IEEE 802.1Qcx CFM DM & G.8052.1 UML

  • IEEE 802.1Qcx CFM re-engineered UML
  • G.8052.1 UML for augmenting the IEEE 802.1Qcx CFM
  • Comments from the discussion
    • Explicit labeling of the measurement jobs
      • In the discussion of Measurement Job classes, Karthik prefers from (in) TAPI perspective, instead of labeling as Dual-ended/Single-ended, label the measurement job explicitly as 1-way and 2-way measurement job. He suggests to look at this in the TAPI review.
    • Augment the IEEE OAM (Loopback and Link Trace)
      • Bernd asked whether the IEEE Loopback and Link Trace classes will be augmented with the G.8052 ETH loopback and link trace features. Kam answered that the G.8052 loopback and link trace operations are yet to be refactored. These operations are current consolidated in the G.8052.1 EthMepInterface (see G.8052.1-operations above). They are yet to be factored and could become Pacs of attributes and augment the IEEE 802.1Qcx Loopback, LinkTrace, and LinkTraceReply classes.
    • Direction of Half MIP
      • Bernd asked where to configure the direction to which a Half MIP is responding to. Kam said that is yet to be figured out. Q14 will follow up on this.
    • Fix the private attributes
      • Bernd pointed out that in the G.8052 ProActiveSingleEndedMeasurementJobControl and ProActiveDulaEndedMeasurementJobControlSink there are a couple of attributes are "private". Kam noted that they should be "public" and will be corrected.
    • URL of G.8052.1

Action Items