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22 May 2018



  • Administrative Updates
  • Main Discussion Items
    • OTSi Media Model
      • Dis-aggregation Use Case
      • Multi-vendor OMS Use Case
      • Generic Model - Relationship of OMS-OTS to OTSi
      • OTSi OAM in MEP/MIP style
    • TAPI OAM Model
      • Updates to JobControl and JobConstraints
    • Github Issues
      • ETH VLAN Config #313
      • Multi-layer NEP #309
  • Other issuesReview of TAPI RI example(s) and desired enhancements
    • TAPI Equipment/Inventory Model
    • RESTConf compliance of TAPI OpenAPI
    • Representation of ODU channelization info in SIP/CSEP
    • Notification enhancements
      • Subscription to specific attribute changes
      • Representation of change-delta for deep/complex attribute data-types
  • TAPI 2.0 Documentation and Use Cases
    • Termination Model (SIP, SEP, NEP, CEP)
    • Multi-layer, Multi-domain Connectivity
    • Resiliency, Protection & Restoration
    • OAM, Performance and Monitoring

Discussion Items

5 minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
  • Next TAPI call: Next Tuesday on May 29
  • Apologies: ITU-T Q12/14/15 interim meeting attendees
90 minsOTSi Photonic Model

Nigel Davis

Stephane St-Laurent

Photonic Model Overview

Dis-aggregation Use Case

Multi-vendor OMS

Action Items