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14 May 2018



Discussion Items

 ONF UpdateLyndon

 update on ONF discussion with Timon

  • New Technical Leadership Team has been formed and is meeting weekly (
  • Reference Design work will start up soon
  • Basic outlines identified
    • Four near term Reference Designs revolving around ODTN, P4/NextGenSDN, NFV/DC and Residential Broadband (loose titles)
    • Two longer term projects around Mobile and Multi-Access Edge
  • Timon sees TAPI integration with ODTN as very positive
  • I noted that WT work is also potentially something that could be used in Mobile and Multi-Access Edge designs
  • He is open to any ideas/proposals for making OTCC work more visible
    • process for defining and using APIs is by nature somewhat chaotic and bottom up rather than top down
    • Karthik: should we try to start a OTCC-oriented reference design, e.g., multi-layer networking? This could incorporate both TAPI and WT work - could be tied to Multi-Access Edge
      • Something to discuss across OTCC, see if there is interest/support in this

 Related update on ONF ODTN project

  • Phase 1 in progress: TAPI NBI from ONOS, OpenConfig SBI to transponders
  • Phase 1.5 in planning: adds line systems, possibly using TAPI extensions


 External activities 
  • OIF

    • Demonstration testing to start in the next weeks
  • MEF

    • Andrea: expect more progress in July meeting - main topics are MEF core model relationship and use of tooling - a number of MEF projects are using ONF core model and TAPI, including NRM, also implementations

    • Nigel: also realization that work needs to go faster/more agile and more integrated with open source activitiies

    • note liaison being sent from OIMT to MEF and ITU-T (check to make sure it is getting to MEF)


- any items to note from subprojects

  • TAPI
    • L0 optical model being worked on - objective is to support traditional modeling as well as disaggregation, as well as interoperability with the same model
    • OAM is also a major topic - updates planned for this week for Ethernet OAM model
    • Equipment model (mainly discussed with OIMT)
    • Focus is now TAPI 2.1
  • OTIM (Kam not available today)
  • WT (Giorgio not available today)
  • DPIM (Thorsten not available today)
  • June face-to-face
    • Note for people to reserve hotel rooms ASAP
  • next OTCC call
    • 5/28

Action Items

  • @Andrea - did liaison get to MEF?
  • Lyndon - organize discussion about interest in OTCC reference design