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30 April 2018



Discussion Items

 Update from OIF, MEF and other external activities 

OIF Demo testing to start in May

  • due to time constraints will use TAPI 2.0.1 although RestConf alignment in 2.0.2 seems like the future direction - esp since this aligns with MEF

OIF interest in TAPI certification

  • support in operator/vendor survey
  • questions about what version of TAPI - TAPI will align with MEF, potentially use MEF tools in future - 2.1?
  • Karthik - will need testing for multiple versions, use regression since this is a continuous process - automated testing needed - follow typical sw testing procedures
  • Semantic compatibility rather than syntactic
  • what is being certified? client/server, API/functionality? TAPI/stack? Impact of SBI - OpenConfig vs. TL1
  • address operator needs


  • MEF 59/60 SDK - still working out administrative issues - standards vs. open source process/licensing
  • NRM OAM work continuing - joint with TAPI
  • would like to leverage OIF interop work for MEF use cases
    • similar issues such as multi-stage muxing
  • Thorsten - Telefonica working on optical transponder model, similar to wireless transport model - where does this go? OTIM subproject - should work together on modeling - looking for data model for technology-specific application - sounds like OTIM work
    • notes that other activities like ODTN may overlap, also need for multiple operators and vendors involved
    • they will analyze to see if existing work addresses or can be extended to meet their needs
  • Tracy - work needed on 4G/5G RAN model, may be done in ORAN (formerly xRAN) but want to avoid competing/overlapping models
    • want to align this work within Linux Foundation Networking
    • Martin - initial look at Core Model technology extension
    • potentially part of 5th PoC, yet tbd - WINLAB NYC indoor/outdoor testbed, similar work in Europe? COSMOS Lite, COMET
 Recap of Q&A with Timon 
  • New initiative on Reference Designs addresses issues with deployment of technology in carrier networks
  • Tech Leadership Team and Reference Design Teams are an addition to current structure
  • Should be positive for work on common APIs
  • Noted comments that people feel that API and CIM work is not so visible within ONF
  • Suggests we work with other TSTs and eventually Ref Design Teams where we see applicability
  • We should consider and propose other steps that would make OTCC and OTIM work more prominent
  • Thorsten - concern with ONF using interfaces from other organizations in its designs - notes Timon's responsibilities/title no longer seems to address standardization work and wondering who should have such responsibilities - ONF could have stronger framework for its standardization work - focus more on open source - one approach is to identify open source projects and work with them to adopt API/IM
  • need some better targeting and support for communicating with other projects
  • Karthik - on Stratum, minds are already made up - in our charter we planned on combined optical and wireless project, we could try and restart this as an ONF activity with OTCC operator support such as Telefonica, China Mobile - develop open source code - maybe include ORAN work as well?
 Any updates from subprojects 
  • DMIP (Thorsten) - addressing test scenarios and auto commissioning, when completed will aim for OTCC review
  • TAPI (Karthik) - good progress on optical media model together with OTIM and OIMT - planning presentation to ODTN on this
  • WT (Thorsten) - planning on 5th PoC, proposal to include auto commissioning use case - idea from ONAP work - authentication as well - schedule for end of November - may meet in Milan for 1 week f2f to accelerate work on modeling - date 22 May - 25 May with webex for remote participation - Tracy sees complementary tie-ins with ONAP and ORAN work
 Upcoming meetings 

May WT f2f as above

June 11-15 f2f in Ottawa

Dec 4-6 ONF Connect 2018 in Santa Clara

Next OTCC TST call May 14th, 7am-8am

Action Items